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Katrina Reinhardt is a passionate, dynamic, and creative Montessori Teacher/Director, with over 12 years of experience in Montessori education. She has held many notable positions in Montessori education including Director at Pebbles Preschool, Primary Classroom Leader for 3 years at High Desert Montessori Charter School, Director at Children’s House Academy, Director at Appleseed Montessori, and Teacher at several other Montessori schools. Miss Katrina received her Bachelor’s degree in Art History from UCSC in 2000, and earned her Montessori credentials in early childhood education in 2011.

Director Bio

Northern Star Montessori History

In 2020, Miss Katrina ran a mixed-grade Montessori “pod” classroom for a group of young students during the pandemic in a quaint and cozy classroom in Truckee, CA. It was a great success and inspired the continuation and open enrollment of a Montessori school for our community in North West Reno. Northern Star Montessori School is a new Preschool located on Mae Anne Ave. in North West Reno, NV.